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Zirconia Crown in Turkey Zirconium Crown Prices in Antalya

What is a Zirconia Crown?

The drawbacks of metal substructure crowns are eliminated by zirconium, a very resistant metal that has a natural white colour and attractive aesthetic features, is non-allergenic, and is also exceedingly durable.

The most like real teeth in terms of hardness and look are porcelain veneers. Their weak structure makes them inadequately resistant to chewing pressure. Instead, crowns with metal supports were applied. The metal substructures of these crowns are sturdy, but they can trigger allergic responses because of their poor light transmission.

In this instance, a Zirconium Crown is a technique that resolves the issue. Zirconium is useful since it is compatible with biological tissues, durable, light-permeable, and has no unpleasant aftertaste.

In recent years, CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) technology have allowed for time savings, the achievement of desired durability and colours, and cost reductions.

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What are the advantages of a Zirconium Crown?

The following are some benefits of Zirconium Crowns:

  • It is applicable to everybody of any age.
  • It does not result in gingival recession.
  • It is quite compatible with dental tissue.
  • It has strong qualities for light transmission.
  • The gums are not affected, however.
  • It is also used on those who are allergic to metal.
  • It may be used to both front and back teeth.
  • Compared to metal substructure crowns, it is lighter.
  • It is very durable and very resistant.
  • Its structure doesn't include any metal alloys.
  • They resemble real teeth the most in terms of aesthetics.
  • Metal crowns don't have a flavour of anything metallic.
  • There is no unpleasant breath since there is no rust.
  • Due of the limited heat conductivity, sensitivity generation is not frequently seen.
  • The natural structure of the teeth does not degrade since there is less rasping of the teeth.
  • It is possible to cover teeth in a manner that blends in with natural teeth.
  • Since it is white, metal-supported crowns don't endure a grey colour shift.
  • Cigarette stains, plaque, and tartar growth are not seen since the crown surfaces are bright and smooth.
  • The zirconium tooth does not have the matte and unnatural aspect that comes from metal-supported crowns reflecting their colour in the metal.
  • Zirconia teeth don't have a metallic look that isn't natural.
  • Zirconium does not have the hot-cold sensitivity as metal crowns have because of the material's limited thermal conductivity.

On which teeth is a Zirconium Crown applied?

Zirconium Crown procedures are used in the following situations:

  • In split or crooked teeth,
  • In old fillings whose structure has deteriorated,
  • In cases where the teeth are turned,
  • In excess material losses in the teeth,
  • To have an aesthetically beautiful appearance,
  • After ineffective teeth whitening procedures.

Who needs help applying a Zirconium Crown?

Individuals who have damaged or weakened teeth, tooth decay, cosmetic concerns, or desire a durable and aesthetically pleasing dental restoration may benefit from Zirconium Crowns. In case the jaw bones continue to expand and there are gaps after the crown is finished, it is advised to apply it at the age of 18. A dentist or prosthodontist can assess your specific dental needs

How is a Zirconium Crown made?

The first step, like with all veneers, is to have our patients undergo an oral and dental examination by one of our dentists. This examination identifies if our patient has dental caries, cracked or missing teeth, or gum issues. If our patient has issues in this direction, they are taken into account. We may proceed to the second level after these problems have been handled.

The second step involves taking pictures of the patient's teeth and the interior of their mouth, as well as measuring their mouth and teeth. We discuss with our patients which teeth we will apply the veneer on as well as the colour and size of the veneers after seeing these images and measurements that have been entered into the computer. Following this choice, the measurements and colour selections are sent to the lab. The laboratory production of the necessary crowns will take 3 to 5 days.

We produce a very little abrasion on our patient's teeth before sending the measurements. After the abrasion, we fit our patient with temporary veneers so he may go about his regular activities without pain.

We practise our lab-produced crowns on our patients after they are delivered. If there are any issues, they are resolved. After issues are fixed and client satisfaction is guaranteed, work is begun on attaching our veneers to the damaged teeth using really powerful adhesives. This is a crucial phase since any flaws will result in issues with subsequent crowns.

What are the Types of Zirconium Crown?

The following varieties of zirconium dental veneers:

  • Zirconium Crown applications include placing one on a single tooth. It looks natural and has white metal in it.
  • The Zirconium Implant procedure involves taking an accurate impression of the implanted tooth.
  • The four systems of the zirconium implant procedure: Twelve to fourteen zirconium teeth are affixed to four implants:
  • Zirconium smiling pattern: It is a procedure used to get the ideal degree of colour, shape, and structure in the tooth.
  • Zirconium laminated veneer: This technique uses very little tooth rasping and produces veneers that are quite thin.

The most widely applied dental veneer procedures are Zirconium Crown. Zirconium Crown can be applied to all teeth and is recommended for a single tooth.

What should be considered after a Zirconium Crown?

When the Zirconia Teeth are finished, the following things need to be considered:

  • Don't eat anything acidic.
  • Additionally, sticky and hard meals should be avoided.
  • The mouth region should be shielded from any impacts.
  • Make no effort to compel your mouth to open.
  • Steer clear of overly hot and cold meals.
  • Attend the dentist's scheduled visits.
  • After receiving a Zirconium Crown, some people may have issues adjusting. You'll quickly grow accustomed to it.
  • You may take the medications your dentist recommends if you have any discomfort after the procedure.

After finishing the course of therapy, the patient is free to eat anything he likes as long as he is mindful of the aforementioned concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zirconia Crown

What are Zirconium Crown Prices in Antalya?

It is the most popular form of crown. The cost of Zirconium Crowns varies based on the number of teeth to be veneered, the quantity of material used in the veneer, the grade of the material, additional treatments to be done during the process, the clinic, and the dentist's expertise. As a result of our dentists' inspection, the finest in this field will be awarded.

Visit our pricing page to check our current rates.

Zirconium Crown Prices in Turkey and Europe?

In terms of health, Turkey always provides lower pricing than Europe, and this is true for Zirconium Teeth. While a single tooth's zirconium crown costs in Turkey are 150-200 €, it costs 500-1.000 € in Europe.

Is there any pain while having a Zirconium Crown?

Because Zirconium Crown operations are conducted under local anaesthesia, there is no discomfort experienced throughout the process. Local anaesthesia is used throughout the treatments because tooth filing, fractured tooth therapy, gum treatment, and even filling will be performed if needed. Some patients may have slight discomfort after the local anaesthetic wears off, which may be avoided by using pain relievers prescribed by our dentists.

How long does the Zirconium Crown procedure take?

Under typical circumstances, a Zirconium Crown may be constructed in five days. This time may last up to 7 - 8 days in circumstances of intricate occurrences. Dental fillings, fractured tooth treatments, crooked tooth treatments, and gum treatments are all conditions that cause the period to be extended.

How long does the Zirconium Crown last?

Zirconium is a long-lasting substance that is favoured for usage in crowns. Following the treatment with proper oral and dental care and without interfering with the doctor's controls will guarantee that these veneers are utilised for many years. It is not feasible to provide a specific use time. Because this duration fluctuates depending on how the patient's crowns are used, it has a lifetime of 5 to 15 years; however, with excellent care, it may be used for 20 years.

At what age is the Zirconium Crown procedure applied?

It is applicable to everyone above the age of 18 who has finished jawbone development.

Is a Zirconium Crown applied to all teeth?

Yes. It is suitable for all teeth in the lower and upper jaws.

Does the Zirconium Crown procedure deteriorate the structure of the teeth?

Zirconium Crowns, like other veneers, are meant to safeguard the integrity of the teeth and are not intended to damage the tooth structure in any manner. The structure of the teeth is kept, and their lifetime is increased, using this process.

How to care for teeth with a Zirconium Crown.

Teeth with Zirconium Crowns need the same care as natural teeth. Brushing the teeth twice a day, using dental floss and an interface brush, and using an efficient mouthwash are all important for good oral hygiene. It is beneficial to choose toothpastes and toothbrushes based on our dentists' suggestions. Dentist visits at least twice a year may be used to monitor issues with zirconium teeth.

Can Zirconium Crowns be whitened?

When oral and dental care is neglected, Zirconia Crowns yellow. Our dentists can whiten discoloured teeth.

What are Zirconium Crown models?

The models of Zirconium Crowns are as follows:

  • Functional,
  • Hollywood,
  • Dominant,
  • Soft,
  • Improved,
  • Aggressive,
  • Mature,
  • Strong,
  • Natural,
  • Young,
  • oval

How to remove Zirconium Crowns.

Dentists at a dental clinic cut and remove Zirconium Crowns. When this surgery is performed by unauthorised individuals, the primary teeth behind the veneer are harmed.

Why does a Zirconium Crown look more natural?

Zirconium Crowns are comprised of zirconia, which has excellent light transmission qualities. That is why they seem natural.

Is veneer applied to baby teeth in children?

The veneer is not a desirable method since milk teeth are not permanent. However, there may be times when a crown is required in youngsters. These;

  • Baby bottle rot,
  • Stress to the teeth,
  • Wear caused by tooth grinding or erosion
  • Following root canal treatment for milk molars,
  • Permanent teeth will not appear after milk teeth
  • If the enamel structure of the teeth is defective, or if inherited illnesses in the bone and dentin structure are present.

 Children with the aforementioned issues may have their teeth veneered.

Do Zirconia Crowns have metal?

No, Zirconia Crowns are known for their metal-free composition. They are made entirely of zirconia, a type of ceramic material. This metal-free characteristic makes Zirconia Crowns an appealing option for individuals concerned about metal allergies or aesthetics

Can Zirconium Crowns be used by those who have metal allergies?

Zirconium Crowns that do not contain metal infrastructure can be applied to patients with metal allergies. Crowns containing metal in their mixture are not applied to those with metal allergies. It may cause allergic reactions.

Does the Zirconium Crown break? Will it fall?

The organic adhesive is used for crown bonding. These adhesives prevent the crowns from coming apart. Since zirconium is a durable material, it will not break during normal use. However, if the crowns are subjected to hard impacts or if hard and sticky foods continue to be consumed, these crowns will fall or break.

Can the fallen Zirconium Tooth be glued again?

If one of your veneers falls off for any reason, call your dentist right once. If your fallen veneer is still usable, your dentist will clean and re-glue it. If your veneer is not ready for usage, it will request that you have a replacement veneer made and adhered to your teeth.

Is the Zirconium Crown permanent?

Although Zirconium Crowns are a durable dental repair choice, they are not thought of as permanent. Zirconium Crowns may survive for many years with the right upkeep, including excellent oral hygiene habits and regular dental exams. But over time, they could need to be replaced because of normal wear and tear or other reasons.

Does zirconium's crown change colour? Does it stain?

Zirconium Crowns have a reputation for having great colour stability and stain resistance. Zirconium Crowns are very resistant to discolouration and do not readily change colour or stain, in contrast to several other dental materials. One benefit of utilising zirconium for dental restorations is that, with adequate maintenance and cleanliness, it keeps its natural look over time.

Can Zirconium Crowns be made on implants?

Yes, dental implants may support Zirconium Crowns. Zirconium is a flexible substance that may be used to make crowns, bridges, and implant-supported prostheses, among other dental restorations. The Zirconium Crown, which may be made to order and bonded to the dental implant, creates a strong replacement tooth that looks just like the neighbouring teeth. This enables people who have had all on 6 dental implants placed to get a functional and attractive repair.