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What is E-max crown?

E-max crown is a teeth veneer method used in dental cosmetic procedures. In bilateral connections, appearance is critical for making a good first impression. Our teeth and smile are two of the most noticeable aspects of our appearance. A lovely and attractive grin boosts one's self-esteem. Our self-esteem is a crucial aspect in our social lives.

Dental aesthetics have evolved with the advancement of technology. Various cosmetic procedures have evolved for individuals who wish to get rid of crooked,  yellowed teeth and have an appealing and symmetrical smile design. Empress Veneer (E-Max Crown) is one of these techniques. It is most often employed in anterior teeth where cosmetic demands are high. Our dentists will paint the computer-generated design on your teeth.

What is Empress Veneer?

Empress Veneer is a veneer technique that uses one-of-a-kind ceramics to give the individual a genuine grin. It has a robust structure while being a metal-free veneer technique. It has a translucent aspect; this transparency contributes to its naturalness. Empress Veneer comprises zirconium, lithium disilicate, potassium oxide, lithium dioxide, and quartz. The zirconium veneer enhances its longevity, while the lithium disilicate boosts light transmission, giving the teeth a natural look.

Emax crown treatment turkey antalya

What are crowns?

Crowns are materials that are used to cover teeth and may be utilised for both cosmetic and protective reasons.

Crowns are formed of stainless steel, metal crowns incorporating gold, platinum, and base metals.

Crowns composed of metal fused with porcelain, all-resin crowns made of resin, complete ceramic/zirconia material give a precise colour match (E-Max Crown is also utilised).

A dental veneer is the Empress Veneer, which is the most popular veneer among dentists worldwide. This preference is due to the fact that it is a complete ceramic substance that both strengthens teeth and is utilised in teeth undergoing root canal treatment.

What are the advantages of E-Max Crown?

The E-Max Crown technique, like all other veneer methods, offers benefits. These are some examples:

  • Our teeth become more aesthetically pleasing,
  • It is most often used on anterior teeth if an aesthetic result is desired,
  • Because of its excellent light transmittance, it does not seem matte; the teeth appear natural,
  • It is the most often utilised material for dental aesthetics,
  • Despite the fact that it is a metal-free veneer, it provides strength to the teeth,
  • It is a glass-ceramic material that is resistant to chewing force,
  • Because it may be applied thinly, very little filing is required on the teeth, it does not create dental sensitivity,
  • It does not induce allergic responses,
  • It is a method that interferes less with the teeth,
  • It closes gaps in the tooth,
  • It creates a smooth and slippery outer structure,
  • It prevents the formation of dental calculus due to its slippery outer structure,
  • It has a wide range of colour options,
  • It does not damage the tooth structure, it has high retention, and it is used with a CAD CAM system (computer-aided production).

The patient's mouth is measured in the CAD/CAM system using cameras that are linked to the computer. This technology is exceedingly safe, with a margin of error of one micron (one-thousandth of a millimetre).

Which teeth are Empress Veneers applied to?

The teeth where this therapy may be used are as follows:

  • Broken teeth for any cause,
  • Crooked teeth (congenital or acquired),
  • Yellowed teeth,
  • Teeth with a missing protective layer,
  • Teeth damage induced by eating disorders,
  • Teeth that have been subjected to bad behaviours such as tea, coffee, smoking, and excessive sugar consumption,
  • Premolars with diminished power exertion,
  • Teeth that have been repaired but need aesthetics,
  • Teeth having enamel layer flaws,
  • Teeth whose look has degraded as a consequence of wear,
  • Worn teeth owing to ageing,
  • Teeth with pulp desensitisation,
  • Teeth with enamel layer development faults due to high fluoride intake,
  • Teeth darkening caused by tetracycline (an antibiotic),
  • Teeth that are not in the usual dental order,
  • Teeth that lost their brightness and changed colour as a consequence of root canal treatment.

It falls within the purview of this process.

In which cases is Empress Veneer not applied?

In the instances listed below, we do not advise using Empress Veneer:

  • We seek for strength characteristics in molar veneers. Because the utilisation of force is necessary for molars to perform their tasks. The Empress Veneer is not resistant to this strength since it lacks metal support. It is not advised to do this procedure on molar teeth because of this.
  • It is not administered to individuals who have too many missing teeth or teeth with fractured or cracked enamel, and it is not applied to teeth supported by metal dental implants.
  • This procedure is not used on teeth that have metal pivo (a little nail-like substance inserted into the root canal of teeth that have shrunk) after a root canal.

How is E-Max Crown made?

As with other veneer operations, our patients should first have a dental examination by one of our dentists. Following this inspection, it should be determined whether any teeth are cracked, damaged, or rotting. The essential procedures for broken and fractured teeth should be finished, and the rotten teeth should be filled.

In the second step, a very thin coating is etched over the teeth. This exquisite etching, which is exclusive to the E-Max Crown process, sets this veneer apart from other veneers. Our dentists obtain exact dental measures after the completion of the abrasion. The CAD/CAM technique may be used to collect measurements in specific circumstances. Our doctors send the laboratory the measurements that were done. About 30 minutes are spent on this session. A temporary dental veneer is positioned so that our patient may resume his regular activities after the appointment.

Glass porcelain veneers without metal supports are created in the lab and supplied to our dentists in 3 to 5 days.

Our doctors temporarily attach plaques to the patient's teeth, which are then put to the test through activities like biting, chewing, and speaking. The test is submitted back to the lab for adjustment if there are any issues with it. The rectified veneers are sent back to our dentists after being fixed in the lab.

Following the last checks, our dentists glue the veneers to the teeth of our patients, and the procedure is finished.

What should be considered after Empress Veneer?

Cold and heat sensitivity may happen after an Empress Veneer, as it does with any veneer. It's important to pay attention to how much hot and cold food and drink you consume.

Foods that are hard and sticky shouldn't be eaten. The veneers could migrate from their positions as a result of these nutrients.

The mouth region has to be shielded from any potential injuries.

Our doctors' suggestions for care should be followed, and visits shouldn't be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions | E-Max-Empress Crown&Veneers

How much do E-Max Crowns cost in Antalya?

E-Max Crowns cost in Antalya is between $300 and 1500$. When calculating the cost of E-Max Crown;

  • The quantity of teeth to be applied,
  • The calibre of the material to be used,
  • The person's demands,
  • The condition of the dental center in Turkey,
  • The dentist's experience,
  • Any further steps that need to be taken

These are taken into consideration. The most accurate cost information will be provided after the assessment by our dentists in our clinic since the identical operations may only be done for specific people.

Visit our pricing page to see our current prices. (This link will be provided)

Does E-Max Crown have pain?

No, E-Max Crown does not have pain. The pain that might result from this operation is what our patients are most terrified of. There is little to no discomfort associated with the E-Max Crown since very little of the tooth surface is raised. This delights our patients. However, in a painful scenario, local anaesthesia may stop this from happening.

How long does the E-Max Crown procedure take?

The E-Max Crown procedure takes between 7 and 10 days. The operation is finished in one to three sessions if a separate technique is not required.

How long does the E-Max Crown last?

The E-Max Crown lasts between 10 and 20 years. For veneers, it is impossible to provide a specific lifespan. It has been utilised for many years when individuals adhere to their doctor's advice and routinely practise oral and dental hygiene. This time frame will be decreased if oral, dental, and oral hygiene services are not given.

Even though they are not supported by metal, these veneers are incredibly strong. When the right care circumstances are met and physician management every five years is handled, they have a lifetime of 10 to 20 years.

At what age is the Empress Veneer procedure applied?

Empress Veneer procedure is applied anyone who has finished the development of the jaw structure and is above the age of 18 is eligible to use it.

Is the E-Max Crown applied to all teeth?

No, E-Max Crown is not applied to all teeth. E-Max Crown is not a metal-containing Veneer. Due to its structure, it is more suitable for anterior and visible teeth.

Metal-containing veneers are preferred because molars are based on strength and strength. E-Max Crown is not applied to teeth that require excessive force.

Does E-Max Crown procedure degrade the structure of the teeth?

No, E-Max Crown procedure does not degrade the structure of the teeth. This method is applied to correct the structure of the teeth, not to disrupt them. Therefore, there is no harm to the tooth structure.

How should E-Max Crown-applied teeth be taken care of?

When maintaining E-Max Crowns, all recommendations of the dentist should be followed. As with normal teeth, they should be brushed twice a day, and regular dental checks should be provided. An antiseptic recommended for veneer care should also be used. Tooth brushing should be done with softer than normal teeth, and dental floss should be used along with the toothbrush. Mouthwash should be addressed for oral hygiene.

What is the difference between E-Max Crown and other veneers?

It is a procedure with a more holding feature than other veneer materials. Since the well-polished E-Max Crown has a slippery and smooth surface, the formation of tartar is very low. Liquid absorption is very low compared to other veneers. After the procedure, it is possible to return to work immediately. You can start eating and drinking 2-3 hours after the completion of the procedures. Very little sensitivity (2 hours) may occur.

What problems does Empress Veneer solve?

The following issues will be resolved as a consequence of our dentists' effective application of Empress Veneer at our office;

  • Teeth gaps are filled;
  • Crooked, fractured teeth are fixed;
  • Depersonalization of the pulp, production of enamel layer flaws brought on by excessive fluoride intake, and colour changes brought on by tetracycline are eradicated;
  • Teeth that are not part of the typical tooth row are replaced,
  • Aesthetic issues are fixed,
  • Wear-related flaws are fixed.

Why does the E-Max Crown look more natural?

E-Max Crown, which is entirely made of glass ceramic and has no metal framework, best reflects the colour and brightness of the teeth. The presence of lithium disilicate in a complete laminate veneer is what gives teeth their glittering appearance. The ceramic material gains a very translucent quality from this substance. As a consequence, the teeth may reflect their natural look thanks to the transparent ceramic. We provide the most accurate representation of the genuine tooth in this way.

Can E-Max Crown be used by those who have metal allergies?

Yes, E-Max Crown can be used by those who have metal allergies. Patients with metal sensitivities may have some adverse reactions from metal veneers. The E-Max Crown is a veneer constructed of unique ceramics; as a result, there is no metal in its construction. Therefore, those who are allergic to metals may take it without risk.

The ceramic tooth process is safe for the gums, cheeks, and teeth. For this reason, people with various allergies like it as well.

But before receiving therapy, a procedure of evaluation is required. The dentist's ability to perform the procedure is determined by the patient's appropriateness.

Does Empress Veneer cause allergy in the mouth?

No, Empress Veneer does not cause allergy in the mouth. In its infrastructure, metal support is required. Because it was made using a specific glass-supported ceramic, it is biocompatible with teeth, gums, and cheeks. This compatibility prevents it from triggering an allergic response.

Will the E-Max Crown break? Will it fall?

No, E-Max Crown won't break and fall. Our dentists, who are professionals in their area, will apply the veneer after setting up the required circumstances. Your veneers won't shatter unless our patient has any stress to the mouth region. Likewise, unless there is damage, these veneers do not fall out. Personal experience will be key in this case since our doctors employ the highest calibre supplies and adhesives throughout the process. Despite all of this, shattering every tooth is still a risk. These teeth run the danger of fracturing if they are subjected to a force powerful enough to do so.

Is E-Max Crown permanent?

Yes, E-Max Crown is a permanent process that uses a sturdy substance. However, owing to damage or inconsistent materials, it could drop or change colour. Our clinic uses products that are of the highest calibre and grade in Europe. This will result in a very beautiful veneer being applied to your teeth when combined with the professional skills of our doctors.

Does E-Max Crown change shape and colour?

Yes, E-Max Crown changes shape and colour. The fact that the colour of the tooth veneer doesn't alter is one of this procedure's greatest benefits. Because glass ceramic is utilised, even if a coating of dirt builds up on the tooth surface over time as a result of things like smoking, it can be readily cleaned with the teeth cleaning procedure that will be employed. Tooth cleaning is not necessary if the patient maintains proper oral and dental hygiene.

Does Empress Veneer stain?

No, Empress Veneer does not stain. The process produces a veneer surface that is incredibly slippery and smooth. Because of this, the veneers do not develop stains. With proper oral and dental hygiene, this scenario won't affect you for a very long time, and you'll be able to utilise your veneers safely for a very long time.

Does E-Max Crown have a gingival recession?

No, E-Max Crown does not have a gingival recession. Because they are biocompatible, E-Max Dental Crowns will blend in flawlessly with your gums. It will be safe for you to use, just like your own teeth. They don't induce gum recession since they don't discolour the gingival edge.

Does E-Max Crown have any damage to the applied tooth?

No, E-Max Crown does not have any damage to the applied tooth. Teeth with E-Max Crown placed are often deformed. These teeth now have a more appealing and elegant look because to this operation. There is no danger to the teeth since there will be very little abrasion on them. The teeth are safeguarded, on the other hand. Additionally, you'll safeguard your teeth by taking good care of your mouth and teeth following the treatment.

Do teeth rot from the inside with Empress Veneers?

No, teeth do not rot from the inside with Empress Veneers. Tooth decays are not visible if Empress Veneer are installed extremely carefully. The teeth may coexist with them without issue. Because of this, there isn't a place beneath the veneers where germs and food may accumulate.

The teeth will begin to decay if food particles and germs collect beneath the veneer as a result of procedures that are not performed under the proper circumstances. There is no tooth decay but this.

Does Empress Veneer cause odour?

No, Empress Veneer does not cause odour. There's no fragrance to Empress Veneer. Gum disease and food build-up behind veneers are the main reasons of foul breath. The substance used to create these veneers is completely palatable to the gums. There won't be a problem with foul breath if there are no gum issues in your network and no food build-up behind your veneers.

Which is better, Zirconia or E.MAX?

eMax crowns and zirconium crowns promise similar features, so it is difficult to choose between them.

Both are long-lasting. Emax dental crowns is clearer than zirconium and this is the most clear distinction between the two materials. Depending on the patient's bite, Orion Dental Antalya dentists decide which one to use for the front teeth. If the patient has bruxism, we recommend that you choose zirconia crown Turkey.

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