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Turkey All on 4 Dental Implants | Antalya Teeth Implant Costs

What is All on four Dental Implants Treatment?

All on 4 Turkey Dental Implants Treatment is a remarkable dental implant technique that ensures optimal results. This method involves the strategic placement of 4 implants in both the lower and upper jawbones, serving as a strong foundation for the dental prosthesis.

All on four dental implants Antalya Procedure provides you with a durable and functional prosthesis, offering the convenience of daily use, much like your natural teeth. With this procedure, tooth replacement is performed with the implant Antalya; you can do your eating, speaking, and other daily tasks more comfortably.

It is a reliable procedure as it is an implant treatment that has been used for years. All on four dental implants treatment Antalya procedure time is shorter and more economical compared to other implant procedures.

There is no need for a bone transplant, and since it is an implant technique, you will not be toothless throughout the process.

All on 4 Dental Implantss Turkey

What are the advantages of All on 4 Treatments?

  1. The prosthesis does not slide because it is mounted on the implants more firmly,
  2. The procedure duration is less than other implant studies,
  3. Because the implants are put in non-tooth locations in All on 4 Turkey technique, the unlost teeth are retained,
  4. Implants are durable and long-lasting; they have been used safely for many years,
  5. Because the dentures will seem like natural teeth, you will be able to utilise them without difficulty in your everyday life.
  6. You will be able to eat and speak comfortably,
  7. During the interval, the patient does not become toothless,
  8. Because the implant operation is not required for all teeth, the cost is cheap,
  9. Patient's oral anatomy is not harmed,
  10. Because the prosthesis is based on implants placed in the jaw, acclimating to it is simple and quick,
  11. It is a procedure that can be applied to patients of all ages,
  12. It is not necessary to remove the prosthesis for cleaning.
All on 4 Dental Implants Turkey

Who can be applied to the all on 4 implants technique?

There are general and unique parameters for using all on four Turkey implants therapy.

In general, patients:

  • Must be above the age of 18,
  • Have finished jaw and face growth,
  • Be in good general health,
  • Have no wound healing issues,
  • Have a jawbone that is acceptable for implant surgery Antalya.

Conditions where All on 4 implants are required

  • Those who have lost all of their teeth,
  • Those whose jawbone is suitable for implant procedure (it is done after bone grafting in those who have weak and insufficient jawbone),
  • Patients who have eating and drinking problems, cannot consume the foods they want, and have speech problems while using a removable prosthesis,
  • Those who are looking for cost-effective implant treatment,
  • Those who have hollywood smile design,
  • Those who do not have risky chronic diseases (for diabetes and high blood pressure patients, opinions should be exchanged with a specialist),
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How is All on 4 Dental Implants Treatment performed?

All on 4 Antalya implants Procedure is performed in 4 steps.

  • First Stage: Initial Examination.
  • Second Stage: Planning and Collecting Measurements.
  • Third Stage: Implant Placement
  • Fourth Stage: Attaching the Prosthesis.
  • First Stage: Initial Examination
  • Orion Dental specialist Turkish dentists evaluate the patient's jawbone structure, gum health, and any teeth in the mouth. Radiological tools may also be employed in this procedure. Orion Dental dentist determines if the patient is a good candidate for the implant.

    • Second Stage: Planning and Collecting Measurements

    Orion Dental dentists use radiography and tomography instruments to acquire measurements of the patient's mouth. Similarly, the thickness of the bone is assessed to determine if a bone transplant is required. The measurements are used to create the prosthesis.

    • Third Stage: Implant Placement

    If teeth need to be pulled, those teeth are extracted first.

    If the bone loss induced by tooth extraction is insufficient to prohibit therapy, implant placement is started right away. A bone transplant is used if bone loss is significant.

    Front implants are placed at a 90-degree angle, whereas the posterior implants are installed at a 45-degree angle.

    Placing a temporary dental prosthesis on the implants prevents the patient from becoming toothless during therapy.

    The fusing and healing of the implants to the jawbone takes between 2 and 6 months.

    • Fourth Stage: Attaching the Prosthesis

    Temporary prosthesis is removed when implants have fused to the jawbone and healed. Implants support the permanent prosthesis, which is custom-made for the patient. Local anaesthesia is not required for the installation of the permanent prosthesis, and the patient feels no discomfort throughout the process.

    Following this step, you must adhere to the control programme prescribed by our dentists. Regular and healthy check-ups will help to prolong the life of your implants.

    What should be considered after All on 4 Treatments?

    The following recommendations should be addressed in order to expedite the healing process after all on 4 Antalya operation and to use permanent prosthesis most effectively;

    1. After the treatment, nothing should be ingested for two hours, and then juicy and soft meals may be chosen,
    2. There may be some discomfort after implant insertion. You may use pain relievers prescribed by your dentist,
    3. The implants will take many weeks to integrate with the bone,
    4. To prevent swelling and bruising on the face following the treatment, keep the head elevated,
    5. The jaw muscles should be utilised as little as possible in the first several days,
    6. Dental and oral care should be avoided on the first day,
    7. Mouthwash should be used to clean the mouth and teeth 36 hours following the therapy,
    8. The face region should be shielded from potential impacts until permanent prosthesis are installed; these impacts may have a negative influence on the treatment's outcome,
    9. Smoking and drinking should be avoided for a period,
    10. Do not clean the dentures as thoroughly as possible, and avoid using hot water; dentures may become distorted,
    11. You should get check-ups,
    12. Hard materials should not be used to clean prostheses,
    13. Visit your dentist if an unexpected scenario arises,
    14. Every six months, you should see your dentist.

    Difference between all on 4 and all on 6 dental implants

    The main difference is that for all on 4 dental implants treatment Antalya, 4 implants are placed in the jawbone, while for all on 6, 6 implants are placed.

    It is more difficult to clean all on six Turkey. As the number of implants increases, cleaning becomes more difficult. Because the number of posts to be cleaned increases. Angled dental implants Antalya are used for All on 4. For All on 6 Turkey, straight implants are used.

    All-on-4 Dental Implants

    All-on-6 Dental Implants

    Number of Implants



    Surgery Time

    Shorter surgery time

    Longer surgery time

    Bone Density Requirement

    Suitable for moderate bone loss

    Suitable for significant bone loss

    Stability & Support

    Offers stability

    Provides enhanced support, especially in cases of bone resorption

    Chewing Power

    Good chewing function for many patients

    Potential for greater chewing power due to additional implants

    Long-term Durability

    10-15 years

    10-15 years


    More cost-effective due to fewer implants

    Higher cost due to additional implants

    Which is better All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implants?

    What distinguishes All on 4 and All on 6 implants is the use of 4 implants in All on 4 and 6 implants in All on 6. Since 6 implants are used, All on 6 Antalya is more comfortable and useful. It ensures better fixation of the implant in the jaw. Therefore, the patient can eat more easily.

    In fact, All on 4 Antalya and All on 6 are not superior to each other. All on 6 is demanded by patients in terms of comfort. All on 6's treatment and recovery time is slightly longer.

    What is the difference between All on Four and Traditional implant treatment?

    All on Four and traditional implant treatments differ mainly in the number of implants and tooth replacement approach. All on 4 Antalya uses four implants to support all of the teeth. This makes it a simpler and more cost-effective option.

    Traditional implant treatments involve placing separate implants for each missing tooth. This means more time and higher costs. Both methods provide good results. All on Four treatment in Antalya is often faster and more affordable for those who need comprehensive dental treatment.

    Who can have All on 4 in Antalya done?

    Anyone who is over 18 years old and in good health is the best candidate for All on 4 implants Turkey.

    If person has any disease, they should tell their Turkish dentist about it.

    It is generally suitable for adults who are in good health and have multiple tooth loss.

    FAQ about all on 4 implants

    How much are all on 4 implants Antalya?

    All on 4 implants prices vary between $3000 and $7000. All on 4 implants costs will vary based on the person's bone condition, the number of implants to be utilised, the brand and quality of the implants, the dental clinic, and the dentist's expertise. The precise all on 4 Turkey cost of the therapy will be calculated after consultation with our dentists. During this time, the patient's desired brand and material quality will have a direct impact on the pricing. The all on 4 implants method is less expensive than normal implant surgery.

    For current pricing, please see Orion Dental price page.

    How much is all on 4 implants Price Europe?

    all on 4 implants cost UK range from 9,500 to 12,000 Euros in Europe. Turkish dentists are doing extremely effective research on dental health, and their accomplishments are well recognised throughout Europe. Every year, over 100 thousand visitors select our nation for dental care due to the success of our experts. all on 4 implants costs in Turkey vary depending on the brand and quality of the materials used, the dental clinic, the physician's expertise, and the qualities of the materials used in the prosthesis.

    Why is treatment so cheap in Turkey? Do the cheap All on 4 Treatments affect the quality of the implant?

    In comparison to other European nations, the cost of all on 4 implants in Antalya, Turkey is relatively low. Because the prices are so low, the exchange rate difference is significant. Because of the currency rate differential, you will spend less for your treatment in Turkey. Although the implants are inexpensive, their quality is not affected. The materials used are high-quality, well-known brand items that meet European requirements. In this aspect, our clinic is a secure environment for you. We never sacrifice quality or client happiness.

    Is All on 4 Implants Procedure a painful procedure?

    No, All on 4 Implants Procedure is not a painful procedure. The All on 4 Antalya method is not uncomfortable. The patient is not in discomfort since the surgery is conducted under local or general anaesthesia. Sedative medicines may be administered to certain patients in addition to local anaesthesia, depending on their needs. The patient will be unconscious throughout this surgery, so even if there is discomfort, he will not experience it.

    Will I have pain after all on 4 implants Treatment?

    No, you won't have ain after all on 4 implants Treatment. Mild discomfort may occur after the treatment when the anaesthesia wears off, which is also regarded typical. It will take the pain relievers advised by your doctor for this. Furthermore, there may be some swelling of the face after the treatment, which may be treated with ice and buffer.

    How long is the All on 4 lifespan?

    All on 4 Turkey lifespan is between 10 and 15 years. First, how you utilise your implants will impact how long they will last. Regular oral and dental care, as well as regular dentist visits, can help to prolong the life of your all on 4 implantss and dentures. Again, avoiding smoking and alcohol usage, as well as eating as few difficult meals as possible, can help to extend this time. all on 4 implantss and prostheses have a lifetime of 10-15 years when used according to your dentist's instructions.

    What is the difference between all on 4 implants and a standard implant?

    The all on 4 implants Treatment is an implant study in which 4 implants are placed in the lower and upper jawbones and prosthesis is placed on these implants. In typical implant treatments, an implant is inserted in the jawbone for each tooth, and the prosthesis is mounted on this implant. Patients with inadequate jaw bone density may benefit from the all on 4 implants Surgery.

    Why permanent prostheses are installed three months after implants are placed?

    It takes three months for implants implanted in the jawbone to integrate with the jawbone. By the conclusion of this time, the permanent prosthesis will be more securely attached to the implants. Slipping and toying with the prosthesis will not be visible in the future.

    Is all on 4 implants Treatment safe? Is the success rate high?

    Yes, all on 4 implants Treatment is safe and has high success rate about %95. For more than 10 years, our dentists in our nation have used the all on 4 implants therapy. It is a highly safe surgery with a high success rate, and it is particularly safe and effective for individuals with poor jaw bone density.

    Uncontrolled systemic disorders (diabetes, high blood pressure), smoking and alcohol usage, and noncompliance with your dentist's advice will all diminish the success rate.

    All on 4 Dental Implants before after

    What materials are all on 4 implants made of?

    All on 4 produces implants and prostheses using biocompatible materials that are individually created for each patient. Titanium, zirconium, and porcelain are the three basic types of these materials.

    Strong and light metal titanium is often utilised in implant fabrication. It is a biocompatible material that over time may bond to the jawbone. Its great affinity for bone tissue and high strength-to-weight ratio make it the perfect substance.

    Ceramic made of zirconium is biocompatible. It is an opaque material made of zirconia and oxygen. It gives durability and colour options near to the teeth while being gentle on the gums and tooth surface. Porcelain is a ceramic material that has a natural appearance and colour harmony with the teeth around it.

    How should all on 4 implants care be done?

    Oral and implant care are critical for increasing the success percentage of the All on 4 Treatment. and all on 6 implants. To achieve this, the following points must be followed:

    • Cleaning the implants with a toothbrush and dental floss;
    • Brushing twice a day with a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste,
    • Using antimicrobial mouthwash,
    • Consuming a balanced diet,
    • Avoiding smoking, and hard and sticky foods to prevent harm to the implants,
    • If your doctor gives additional care instructions, follow them.

    Does the implant damage the jaw bone?

    No, implant does not damage the jaw bone. Dental implants in Turkey are intended to be inserted into the jawbone. Over time, the implant integrates with the bone tissue in the jawbone, providing a strong and firm foundation for the prosthesis. Implants effectively placed in our clinic by our professional dentists do not affect the jawbone. On the contrary, it aids in the protection of the jaw's overall structure.

    What is a Hybrid Denture?

    A Hybrid Denture is a kind of removable prosthesis that combines the security of dental implants with the ease of traditional dentures. It is made with a high degree of fit and is stronger than conventional prosthesis.

    In Hybrid Dentures, a base is linked to the jawbone using implants, and a set of replacement teeth is affixed to the base. The replacement teeth might be constructed of porcelain or a mix of components that are comparable to acrylic resin or another foundation material. The prosthesis is installed on the implants and fastened such that it may be taken off for cleaning and maintenance.

    In comparison to traditional dentures, hybrid dentures are said to be more durable and practical.

    What should be done for the implant to weld to the bone?

    The fusion of implant with bone is defined as the fusion of implant and bone tissue. It's a process that takes eight to sixteen weeks. To assist with this process;

    • Care should be taken to ensure that there is enough bone in the area where the implant will be placed,
    • The implant must be placed exactly on the bone,
    • Must ensure hygiene of the implant placement area,
    • Need to pay attention to oral hygiene,
    • Protect the implant placement area from external influences,
    • Follow the dentist's recommendations.

    What to expect after all on four surgery?

    Before your All-on-four surgery, you will be given sedation that will not make you sleep but will prevent you from feeling pain. For this reason, you will need to not consume anything for a few hours after the All-on-four dental implants Turkey surgery, but you change to your normal diet after your wound heals.

    After the anesthesia wears off, you can eat soft foods, soups, and purees. Remember, you should avoid hard and crusty foods.

    To keep the operated area away from trauma, you should not touch your tongue or hand to the wound.

    You may feel pain for a few days after the All-on-4 Antalya, Turkey prosedure, some patients do not feel pain. If you feel pain, you should use painkillers recommended by your dentist.

    It is normal to have swelling on the face or the operated area in the first week. As a precaution or to reduce swelling, you pack the injured area with ice from the outside.

    The date we can return to work is two to three days after all on four dental implants treatment. Of course, resting for a week will be much more beneficial for you and you will feel better.

    Your All-on-four dental implants in Antalya begin to integrate with your jawbone in a short time. This also means there will be an increase in your bone amount.

    All on 4 Dental Implants in Antalya, Turkey Before After Photos