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Turkey Hollywood Smile Design | Antalya Smile Makeover

What is Hollywood Smile?

Do you want to have the same smile as Hollywood celebrities? Then we'd like to welcome you to our clinic.

Hollywood Smile, sometimes known as Hollywood Smile Design, is a smile cosmetic technique inspired by the smiles of Hollywood superstars. It is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. This approach is the most popular in American search engines, and our nation ranks third worldwide. People in our nation have been quite interested in Hollywood Smile in recent years.

In personal interviews, our initial focus is on the individual in front of us. Lips, teeth, and grins emerge later. In our clinic, we may create a dazzling smile for you by applying a Smile Design.

The major goal of this surgery is to give the individual with healthy teeth and gums as well as an attractive smile, depending on their needs. It is also believed to make teeth seem white, symmetrical, and natural. Ceramics bonded to the teeth will provide an attractive look while also protecting the teeth from breaking and wear.

hollywood smile woman- smile makeover treatment turkey

The teeth, gums, lips, and face are all examined as a whole while the therapy is being applied. At the stage of treatment, we are guided by our patient's size, structure, position, colour, smile line, number of teeth visible in speaking and lip motions, gender, age, and temperament.

A beautiful grin is important not only for one's aesthetic look, but also for one's social standing and communication. Individuals who believe in their grin are more successful and self-assured in their social, professional, and everyday lives than others. A hearty chuckle demonstrates both our vitality and our self-assurance.

Benefits of Hollywood Smile

Whiter Teeth

  • Hollywood Smile treatment makes your teeth whiter and brighter.
  • It removes stains and discolouration.

Aligned Teeth

  • Provides alignment of teeth.
  • Corrects crooked and misaligned teeth.

Improved Oral Health

Promotes better dental hygiene.

Durable Results

Provides a permanent aesthetic improvement.

Personalised Treatment

It provides a natural and personalised look.

Antalya Hollywood Smile is a popular choice for those seeking a radiant and confident smile by offering a transformative dental solution.

What are the advantages of getting a Hollywood Smile?

There are several benefits to having a Hollywood Smile. They are as follows:

  • Provides an aesthetic and pleasant smile,
  • Your mouth structure becomes more symmetrical,
  • You will have whiter teeth,
  • The integrity of oral and dental health is ensured,
  • Your gums look healthier,
  • Makes you look young and energetic,
  • Your self-confidence increases,
  • You will have a symmetrical and aesthetic smile,
  • Your mouth is closed properly and correctly,
  • Creates an ideal smile for the face.
hollywood smile - smile makeover treatment turkey

Who gets Hollywood Smile?

Anyone who desires a healthy and beautiful smile may have a Hollywood Smile created. However, the following individuals are given top priority:

  • Those who have irregularities in their tooth alignment,
  • Those who have a disproportion between their teeth and gums,
  • Those who have gum problems,
  • Those who have missing teeth,
  • Those who do not like their own smile,
  • Those who have problems with tooth lengths,
  • Those who have abnormal stains and colours on their teeth,
  • Those who will have implants and coatings.

Who can’t get a Hollywood Smile?

During the Hollywood Smile process, methods such as veneer, teeth whitening, implant, and gum aesthetics are performed. Hollywood Smile is not used in situations when these tactics cannot be used.

How to make a Hollywood Smile.

In general, it is a process that includes tooth whitening, laminate veneer to the teeth, gingival operations, botox, lip fillings, and implant procedure if required. It is a technique that must be performed on at least 16 teeth. 5-7 distinct approaches are used throughout the Hollywood Smile process.

  • Gingivectomy (surgical removal of excess visible gums)
  • Pink aesthetic (a cosmetic technique performed on the gums)
  • Orthodontic treatments (reduction of extra gaps between teeth)
  • Implant therapy
  • Teeth bleaching
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Coating Procedures

We don't have a requirement that all of these procedures must be used on everyone. Gingivectomy and pink aesthetics are not used on patients who have no gum issues, and implants are not used on individuals who do not have missing teeth. The same treatments are not used on every patient in veneer. Hollywood Smile is a strategy that is evaluated on an individual basis.

If the patient has a decaying tooth, it should be repaired; if there is a missing tooth, it should be replaced with all on four implants in Turkey. If there is gum disease, it should be treated.

What is the best type of Hollywood Smile?

  • Best type of Hollywood Smile in Antalya depends on individual needs and preferences.
  • Antalya porcelain veneers are highly durable and provide a natural look, while composite veneers are more affordable with a quicker application.
  • Lumineers require minimal tooth preparation and offer comfort.
  • Zirconia crowns Antalya are strong and ideal for damaged teeth.
  • Teeth whitening is a non-invasive option that enhances natural tooth color and perfect smile.

Step by step Hollywood Smile| smile-makeover| smile design Antalya, Turkey

Orion Dental Turkey hollywood-smile method is as follows:

Initially, Orion Dental Turkey's specialised dentists assess patients. Are their teeth rotting or broken? Do you have a tooth that is missing? Do you suffer from gum disease Turkey? They recognise them. The treatment of these discovered illnesses is prioritised.

Following the completion of the hollywood-smile Turkey treatment, Orion Dental Turkey patient's mouth and tooth measurements are obtained, and a smile Turkey prototype is constructed in accordance with our patient's preferences. This built prototype is being tested on the patient. If the patient is happy with the prototype, it is implemented.

The dental veneer Turkey is used to remove teeth that are severely crooked, highly yellowed, over-spaced, and smaller in the patient's mouth. If there are missing teeth, all on 6 implants are used to replace them, and the missing teeth are restored. One of the most crucial steps of this treatment is the replacement of lost teeth. Following this, teeth whitening is used to ensure that all teeth are of a comparable colour.

Some patients' upper gums may seem longer than expected after these operations. We call it the Gummy Smile, and it is an unfavourable condition. The gingivectomy Turkey technique or the botox operation is used to reduce the length of the gums.

After all of these operations, the patients' smile lines are evaluated, and the process is completed.

What should be considered after the Hollywood Smile?

Following the procedure, the patient should pay close attention to the following explanations:

  • Toothpastes and brushes advised by our doctors should be used instead of abrasive toothpaste.
  • Bad teeth brushing behaviours should be broken.
  • Brushing teeth should be done as directed by our dentists.
  • Polishing treatments and polishing should be avoided. (These operations may cause the teeth to fade.)
  • It is necessary to develop the habit of using dental floss.
  • Avoid sugary meals and beverages.
  • Tea, coffee, and soda may diminish the shine from teeth; their use should be limited. Hard nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts should be consumed with caution.

Care After Smile Makeover Turkey Treatment

It would help if you had regular check-ups with your Orion Dental Clinic Turkey dentist. It would help if you stayed away from hard foods; your dental veneers Antalya is damaged. It would help if you took care of your oral health as always. This will extend the life of Smile Design Turkey. You consult your dentist about the products you will use for your oral health.

hollywood smile man- smile makeover treatment turkey

Hollywood smile Turkey vs Dental Veneers

The Hollywood smile aims to make teeth whiter and perfect. After the treatment, you will have the smile of Hollywood stars. This treatment requires comprehensive dental treatment. While special trays containing whitening gel make teeth more perfectly white, veneers made of porcelain or ceramic give a natural smile.

Difference Between Hollywood Smile and Veneers Hollywood smile is a multiple cosmetic dental procedure. The operation usually includes veneers and teeth whitening. Dentists also ensure orthodontics and other dental approaches, such as gum and implants. Veneers are porcelain, zirconium or ceramic shells that are tied to your teeth. They help create a neat appearance. The change will be limited as it may be used for a few of your teeth. Veneers are a good choice for front teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions | Hollywood Smile Design | Smile Makeover

How much are Hollywood Smile Prices in Antalya?

Hollywood Smile Costs vary depending on the kind of treatment being done. Some individuals may need all on four implant therapy, while others may require gingival surgery or botox. These treatments will decide the cost, and the most precise estimate will be calculated when our dentist examines you.

Visit our pricing page to check our current prices.

How much are Hollywood Smile Prices in Turkey, Europe, and America?

The costs for the Hollywood Smile in Turkey, Europe, and America are provided below. As can be shown, Turkey is the most cost-effective nation in this practise.

Treatment Options for a Hollywood Smile


Turkey's Average Prices

Europe's Average Prices

American Average Prices

Tooth extraction

50 € - 95 €

60 € - 300 €

95 € - 285 €

Bone Graft

180 € - 235 €

300 € - 1.000 €

470 € - 940 €

Aesthetic filling (front teeth)

95 € - 190 €

50 € - 1.000 €

95 € - 470 €


220 € - 710 €

2.000 € - 3.500 €

2.800 € - 3.300 €

E-max Laminate Coatings

50 € - 285 €

750 € - 1.500 €

425 € - 1.880 €

Metal Backed Porcelain Veneer

80 € - 235 €

775 € - 950 €

700 € - 2.800 €

Teeth Whitening

100 € - 190 €

200 € - 1.000 €

565 € - 940 €

Zirconium Crown

130 € - 230 €

715 € - 1.000 €

940 € - 2.350 €

Is it painful to get a Hollywood Smile?

Because the process includes implant, veneer, and gingival treatments, discomfort is to be expected. However, since the treatment is conducted under local anaesthesia, the patient will not experience any discomfort. When the local anaesthesia wears off, some individuals experience discomfort. The degree of pain experienced varies depending on the individual and the severity of the operations. Our patients in agony might use pain relievers prescribed by our dentists.

The discomfort suffered following the Hollywood Smile Surgery is natural. Our doctors' recommendations will ease your discomfort.

How long does Hollywood Smile Procedure take?

In 5 to 15 days on average, the operation is finished. This time frame may change based on the dental treatments that will be performed, like as fillings, dental implants, coatings, and gingival surgeries. It typically requires two sessions; however this might change depending on the treatments being done.

How long does a Hollywood Smile last?

The coatings and bridges utilised in Smile Design have an average service life of 10 years. This phase is intimately linked to your mouth and dental health and oral hygiene care. The better you care for your teeth, the shorter the treatment.

What problems does Hollywood Smile fix?

The technique will fix the following issues:

  • Teeth are whitened,
  • Tooth skewness is eradicated,
  • Asymmetric smiles are avoided,
  • Dental deformities are repaired,
  • Fissures and cracks on the tooth surface are removed,
  • Missing teeth are finished,
  • Gum levels are adjusted,
  • Meat health is maintained.

What is a Smile Design?

Smile Design is the totality of techniques used to restore dental and gum conditions while taking into account the individual's preferences for their lips, mouth, jaw, and face structure.

What is difference between Smile Design and smile aesthetics?

There is a cause-and-effect link between these two words, which are interchangeable. Smile Design conveys all the effort and steps required to give the patient the smile they want. The scenario that results from these surgeries is expressed by grin aesthetics, in contrast. In other words, Smile Design influences smile aesthetics.

Is face shape important in Smile Design?

Face shape is an important consideration in Smile Design. Smile Design takes into account face characteristics, lines, mouth anatomy, and teeth. When the patient grins, the face, facial lines, teeth, and lips complement each other.

hollywood smile girl- smile makeover treatment turkey

What are the types of Smile Designs?

Each patient's smile is designed specifically for them. Because each patient has a unique set of teeth, lips, mouth, jaw, and facial anatomy. The most crucial consideration while developing a grin is to keep the person's face as natural as possible.

The most popular varieties of Smile Design are as follows:

  • Sporty Smile Design: A Smile Design is characterised by the middle incisors being longer than the lateral incisors.
  • Hollywood Smile Design: The most common Smile Design is the Hollywood Smile. It is a Smile Design inspired by Hollywood celebrities.
  • Attractive Smile Design (Sexy Smile): This is a Smile Design that is typically favoured by women and is characterised by the front teeth being longer than the rest of the teeth.
  • Persuasive Smile Design: This is a Smile Design that uses rigorous teeth cleaning to show a more rounded line.
  • Impressive Smile Design: It is intended to be the main feature. It is a Smile Design in which the front incisors are given round and square shapes, while the canine teeth are given sharpness and pointed shapes.
  • Sophisticated Smile Design: It is created by middle-aged persons to give them an educated and knowledgeable appearance. It is a Smile Design that makes the teeth look more straight and equal to one another.

Aside from these, there are several more Smile Designs available, such as practical smiles, young smiles, and natural Smile Designs.

What does the smile line mean?

The Laugh Line is the visible area of the mouth when a person laughs and enters a deep grin by completely extending their muscles. The horizontal connection of the top lip with the upper teeth when a person grins is referred to as the laugh line. While smiling, it is typical for the upper lip to be 2 mm below or above the gingival boundary.

It is separated into three laugh lines: high, normal, and low. A high smile line covers 100% of the tooth and shows the gingival band; a typical smile line covers 75-100% of the tooth and shows the interproximal papilla (gums between the front upper incisors); and a low smile line covers less than 75% of the tooth.

What does pink aesthetics mean? Is it harmful?

It is not just possible to have an attractive and pleasing smile if your teeth are white and straight. In addition, we need gums that are suitable with our teeth. This is the procedure used to provide pink aesthetics and healthy-looking gums.

Pink cosmetic procedures are not dangerous. On the contrary, it is beneficial since the gums will improve. It is a permanent treatment, and recuperation takes around a week on average.

What are Hollywood Smile rules?

The conventional guidelines for the Hollywood Smile are as follows:

  • Lips should be 50% the breadth of the face, with a strong laugh line,
  • Procedures performed on the upper teeth (fillings, etc.) should not be visible,
  • Upper front teeth should be straight,
  • Incisors in the upper jaw should be more prominent than other teeth,
  • Lips should be symmetrical,
  • The upper gums should be visible by a maximum of 2 mm while smiling,
  • The lower incisors should be seen when smiling.

Botox and lip filler operations, as well as procedures to the teeth and gums, may be performed to obtain this smile.

What is required for an effective smile aesthetic?

To be successful in smile aesthetics, the teeth must be proportionate to each other and to the face. This is caused by a variety of circumstances. These are the factors:

  • The teeth's symmetry with regard to the midline,
  • The teeth's ideal look in the grin position,
  • The gums show at a set distance from beneath the lips in the grin posture,
  • Using the golden ratio to dimension the teeth,
  • Having symmetrical and healthy gums,
  • No gaps between teeth,
  • Because the sounds are produced by striking the teeth while speaking, each letter is proper,
  • The sound generation should be smooth.

Will Hollywood Smile be broken? Does it fall?

This technique is not a stand-alone surgery. As a result, the approaches utilised to design the process vary. In situations of fracture and fall, the quality of the materials used while applying the implant, the substance used in the coating, the bonding procedure, and the quality of the adhesive used all play an essential role. There is no fall or breakage in the operations conducted by our expert dentists using quality materials under regular circumstances. Poor-quality materials, traumas, and the intake of hard foods, on the other hand, may cause implants and coatings to fall, fracture, or even shatter.

Is Hollywood smile good for teeth?

Yes,Hollywood smile is good for teeth. A "Hollywood smile" typically refers to a cosmetic dentistry treatment that aims to enhance the appearance of the teeth for a bright, white, and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Can Smokers Get a Smile Design?

Yes,Smokers can often get Smile Design done.
But, smoking is not recommended as it slows down the healing rate of some treatments, such as Dental Implant Turkey. Apart from this, if teeth whitening Turkey treatment is applied, it will cause the teeth to turn yellow faster. The treatments performed, namely Smile Makeover | Hollywood Smile| Smile Design Antalya, will shorten its life.