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EMax vs. zirconia crown Turkey: What is the difference?| Orion Dental

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They are both reliable, modern and aesthetically pleasing. The best treatment method offered by modern dentistry regarding dental coatings is full ceramic coatings. The best materials currently available are zirconia crown and E.MAX crown ceramics. Emax Crowns Turkey and zirconia ceramics provide excellent aesthetics, superior quality and high durability. It is aesthetically valuable as it provides an appearance close to natural teeth.

emax vs zirconium Turkey

What is Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to treat various dental problems, such as decayed and cracked teeth or dental treatment after root canal treatment. These dental crowns Turkey are made of four different materials: metal, ceramic, porcelain and zirconia.

Porcelain veneers Turkey have been the favored substance for tooth restoration for decades, but are slowly being replaced as the substance of choice by eMax dental veneers Turkey and Zirconia veneers Turkey.

Emax Veneers in Antalya, Turkey

With the advancement of technology, dental aesthetics Antalya have also improved. Various aesthetic applications have been developed for individuals who want to get rid of crooked, yellowed teeth and have an attractive and symmetrical smile design. Empress Coating (E-Max Crown Turkey) is one of these techniques. It is mostly used on front teeth where cosmetic demand is high. Orion Dental Antalya dentists will paint the computer-generated design on your teeth.

Advantages of Emax Veneer Antalya

eMax porcelain veneers Antalya are produced from lithium disilicate glass ceramic, known for its superior strength, cut into very thin slices. Thanks to the translucency, opacity and light-emitting properties of glass ceramics and the structure of your natural tooth, emax porcelain veneers look like natural teeth.

eMax dental veneers integrate perfectly with your teeth and help you achieve a natural tooth appearance. You can precisely choose the tone and color of eMax crown veneers.

You will complete your smile makeover treatment Turkey with a more natural appearance thanks to eMax tooth veneers.

All types of crowns are bonded and require us to shave off some of the tooth enamel to make room for eMax veneer bonding. However, since eMax veneers Antalya are stronger and harder than other veneers, very little enamel is removed. You will experience little or no discomfort during tooth restoration preparation.

Since the filing process is done less in Emax tooth restoration Turkey, your teeth will not weaken.

In eMax veneer treatment Antalya, very thinly sliced dental veneers Turkey are used.

Because traditional porcelain veneers Turkey are thick, they are not flexible and are prone to cracking and breaking. eMax crowns are harder, thinner, and offer superior durability.

They do not oxidize, do not cause allergies, and therefore can be used safely by all  eMax crown patients. Just in case, tell your doctor about your allergy problem.

Zirconia Veneers in Antalya,Turkey

When it comes to ceramic coating, the first thing that comes to mind is zirconia crown Turkey. Zirconia is actually ceramic. It is super durable, strong, wear-resistant and difficult to crack. Because it is made of biocompatible material, its mechanical properties, strength and durability, you will have an appearance very close to your natural tooth.

It is advantageous that it is suitable for placement in both front and back areas.

Advantages of Zirconia Veneers Antalya

Zirconium dental crowns are a very strong and reliable dental crown that tolerates wear and tear.

Zirconium crowns are very good aesthetically because they are translucent and reflect light in a similar way, making them very similar to natural teeth. This ensures comfortable use of new crowns, especially in the front of the mouth.

Black gum lines do not occur when these dental veneers are used.

Zirconium veneer is also widely used in Smile makeover|Hollywood Smile Turkey treatments. Provides a natural smile Turkey.

The strength of zirconium also makes it possible to produce crowns without a metal frame; This is important because this will make it impossible to properly distinguish zirconium crowns from natural teeth.

The best part of zirconium veneers is that their size as well as shape and color can be determined, allowing patients to have a more natural smile.

Zirconium coatings do not cause allergic reactions, and zirconia is also used in general surgery.

Zirconium veneer in Antalya, Turkey is slightly more expensive than traditional materials. However, coatings made from a cheaper material have proven not to be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Difference Between Emax Veneers and Zirconium Veneers


Emax Veneers in Antalya, Turkey

Zirconium Veneers in Antalya, Turkey




Processing Time

5-7 days

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Which is better,Zirconia or E.MAX?

eMax crowns and zirconium crowns promise similar features, so it is difficult to choose between them.

Both are long-lasting. Emax dental crowns is clearer than zirconium and this is the most clear distinction between the two materials. Depending on the patient's bite, Orion Dental Antalya dentists decide which one to use for the front teeth. If the patient has bruxism, we recommend that you choose zirconia crown Turkey.

There are many dental centers in Antalya with advanced technology staffed by specialist physicians. If you are going to receive eMax Crowns or Zirconia Crowns treatment, get consultation service via WhatsApp with Orion Dental in Antalya, Turkey.

Enjoy the sea, sand, and historical beauties while getting a dental crown at the clean, reliable, and inspected Orion Dental Clinic. To access the blog on this subject, see.