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Are yellow teeth healthy? | Orion Dental Clinic in Turkey

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Are Yellow Teeth Healthy?

This idea is a mistake, a myth.

Underneath the enamel layer is a yellow and hard layer called dentin. In some individuals, this tooth enamel is thinner. For this reason, the yellow and solid color of the dentin under the enamel is seen more clearly. This does not indicate that the tooth is unhealthy, on the contrary, it is a healthy tooth. Due to bad oral care, the enamel layer becomes thinner and the teeth appear more yellow than the natural tooth color. This is the unhealthy tooth.

Teeth Bleaching Treatment Turkey

Myths Surrounding the Condition of Our Teeth

Some myths have been around for years that yellow teeth are healthier. However, we understand from what science tells people that it is impossible to decide on this issue just by looking at colour. To have an opinion, a Turkish dentist must examine it. If there is no problem and the person is careful about their diet and uses limited cigarettes and coffee, this person's tooth colour may be yellow due to dentin. Or it is called naturally yellow. In general, if the teeth are healthy and there are yellow colour teeth, the best solution is teeth bleaching Turkey application.

What is the real colour of teeth?

The natural colour of the tooth is not pure white. It is yellowish. This is entirely related to the structure of the tooth itself. You can consult Orion Dental free of charge for yellow tooth treatment in Turkey.

Non-White or Yellow Teeth are Unhealthy

Unhealthy teeth occur when smoking and acidic drinks are used and when dental care is not adequate. If you take care of your teeth regularly and your teeth are still yellow, this means your natural tooth color. Of course, nutrition and smoking are important factors in the yellowing teeth, and brushing may not be sufficient. In this case, our experienced dentists at Orion Dental Clinic will be happy to apply the appropriate treatment to you. Please contact us.

So Why are My Teeth So Yellow?| What Causes Yellow Teeth?

Common Causes of Yellow Teeth:


After a trauma, teeth crack and break, causing yellowing in the color of the teeth.


Consuming lots of sugary products, harmful snacks, and acidic drinks such as cola cause deterioration of dental health. The acidic structure created by these foods dissolves tooth enamel, causing the yellow color in the dentin layer to become more noticeable. Red wine, coffee and tea also naturally discolour teeth due to the colorants they contain.


Smoking causes permanent yellowing tooth enamel.

Poor Oral Hygiene

To prevent tooth yellowing, teeth should be brushed regularly and dental floss and interdental brushes should be used. You should have regular dental check-ups.

Grinding Your Teeth

Teeth grinding is very harmful to teeth. During teeth grinding, cracks occur in the tooth enamel and yellowing teeth occurs.

Getting Older

As we age, teeth wear out and tooth enamel becomes thinner or cracks form. This causes tooth yellowing.

Medication or Illness

Long-term use of medications such as antibiotics causes yellowing of teeth.


The effect of genetic characteristics on teeth is undeniable. Genetically, teeth can be yellow.

How Can I Avoid Yellow Teeth?

Have your routine check-ups done by Orion Dental's dentists. Get your dental care done regularly. But remember, some teeth are naturally more yellow in color.

Why Are My Teeth Yellow When I Brush Them Everyday

Some people's teeth turn yellow even if they take care of their teeth regularly. The reason for this may be genetics or heavy smoking, tea and coffee use. Apart from these, jaundice may also occur due to the natural structure of the tooth.

Is It Unattractive To Have Yellow Teeth?

Yes, yellow teeth are not attractive.

People's perception is generally that white teeth are more attractive. White teeth make the person look more well-groomed and clean. People prefer teeth whitening Turkey, especially for weddings and events. Every beautiful bride in a white wedding dress wants the perfect smile with white teeth.

When Should You See a Dentist About Yellow Teeth?

If you have dark yellowness or yellow stains on your teeth, be sure to consult your Turkish dentist. If you have a different dental problem, it is treated. Otherwise, teeth whitening Turkey | teeth bleaching is performed in Turkey for a perfect smile.

How Can I Fix Yellow Teeth?

It is possible to have teeth whitening Turkey treatment from Orion Dental Clinic's experienced dentists. In this way, you can have a naturally white and perfect smile. After teeth bleaching Turkey treatment, yellowing is inevitable as poor eating habits and smoking continue.

How Much Whiter Can I Make My Teeth?

There is no harm in having teeth whitening Turkey. However, dentists do not recommend performing this procedure at very short intervals. Your teeth may not be as white after the whitening process. The reason is your own natural tooth structure. If you want even whiter teeth, you can consider dental veneers such as porcelain veneers and laminate veneers.

Where Can I Get Teeth Whitening?

It is possible to have your teeth whitening treatment in Turkey. In this way, after having your effortless teeth whitening treatment, you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun of Antalya.

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